Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cider Lane - Scent of Autumn!

I love cozy candles.  Which pretty much translates to meaning I love autumn scents!  Now that it's October, all of the pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple flavors and scents are coming out in the north east USA.  This, of course, implies some of the best candle scents ever!  

In my first-ever VoxBox (post found here) from Influenster (more info here), I received a plethora of items among which was a cute little candle from Bath and Body Works!  I kept smelling it while writing the VoxBox post, and just had to light it.

The scent is a mix of mulled cider, caramel, and cinnamon, but it's not fake-y fake smelling~  It's also strong enough to be noticed, but not overwhelming (granted, it's a small candle...).  All-in-all, it's really rather pleasant, and I'll probably make use of the coupon code (F126566) to get the larger 3-wick version of it from online!  The coupon code is redeemable by any of you online until October 28.

I think my next post should be about either my Wondertropolis skirt or my kumacrafts pendants...hmmm. HMMMM.  

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