Sunday, September 16, 2012


I intended to update this weekend with a TaoBao review (multiple stores) as well as a shopping service review.  Unfortunately, I haven't had the time.  Hopefully, I can do it tomorrow, though!  (Only one class and all.)

That said, I got a few items from ebay and an item that my sister bought as a gift...I also got a box of boxes from USPS and expect a lot more~ my house will look like a warehouse...ahaha.  Haha.   (ノ´ー`)ノ

I also revived both of my Taobao orders~ but without the Dear Celine blouses because they're taking forever.  I sent a question about when/if it's been shipped to my shopping service and hope to hear back sometime Monday.  I really need those blouses... ╥﹏╥

In the meantime, Dan (boyfriend) has been paying me to help him grade papers and put together a simple website, so I'm paying off my cc that way so I can buy more lolita & gyaru & fairy kei etc stuff~~!  Actually, I really want more circle lenses and a few cheap Bodyline skirts next but I'll make a separate wishlist/going-to-buy post later.  (*´▽`*)

Daz all.  Just wanted everyone to know I'm not dead or abandoning the blog.  I know it's only been a handful of days but it's strange because I'm so active on Tumblr.  


Oh!  I have been wearing lolita out more, the above is one of my ootd' and tights are offbrand, skirt is bodyline, blouse is yolanda, bag is loris.  Also pictured are handmade/thrifted accessories, my Stitch case from ebay, and a wig from ebay~~~

Ok see you guys in the next biiiiig post and review!

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