Friday, September 7, 2012

I got mail! - imurpresent review + photos

Yesterday, I received two was a blouse from Yolanda bought second hand, the other was a necklace bought from imurpresent on Etsy.

I bought this necklace for $12 + $3.00 shipping, and it arrived very quickly!  (Within 3 days.)  The packaging was simple , but effective, and the product was undamaged in any way.  The box it arrived in had the cotton padding inside with the product(s), and was cushioned by the pink tissue paper in an envelope.  Very cute!  (●´∀`●)  
Oh! And there was a handwritten note from the shopkeeper~~~

That's all the stuff that was in the package~!  ^

It came with a free gift--gold shooting star studs--which are super adorable!  Caution: Does not specify earring materials, I caution those with sensitive ears.  

The necklace itself it super adorable--the laser cut acrylic is uniform, smooth and light weight. Chain feels like some sort of gold colored plastic--very light, decent clasp too.  Seems durable enough for normal wear~

All in all, I definitely would recommend this shop because of quick shipping, cute packaging, a great product, and the free gift is uber cute.  。◕‿◕。

Other items from the shop that I may get:

This one has a silver chain instead, and it seems like it has a more translucent acrylic?  I love that pink and the combination with the silver chain, so I definitely want to get this sometime!

Omg these are so cute I love black & white combos when done well!  Plastic charms and a stud back, also available to be made for people with stretched lobes.  Pretty large earrings, worn photo from the listing here.

Plenty more colors and designs available with some clothing too!  Check it out.   


  1. ahhhh its so cute! I want like everything from that store.

  2. Those necklaces are soo cute! I love when shops send little hand written notes with your item.