Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Ok so...first blog post?  I guess?  Yeah.
OK SO I'm Sarah, 22.  I study sociology and hope to pursue a PhD and become a university professor.  If that doesn't work out, then a masters at least and maybe teach night classes as an adjunct and keep a day job???  So you may see updates about my classes etc on here too since it's the driving force behind my life right now.

I have a boyfriend of 3.5 years named Dan.  We live together.  He's going to be 34 in January.  Very much in love and snuggles, yupyup.  He's super-supportive of my academic life as well as my semi-new 'hobby' (fashion).  I owe him a lot, and will probably gush at times too about dates etc.

In fact, I need to select a coord for October, when we go to see the orchestra...(TaoBao, here I come!)
I'm major into lolita fashion, and have admired it from afar for nearly 4 years now, but only recently got active in the fashion itself and the community.   Aside from lolita, I do like gyaru, natural kei/mori girl, dolly kei, and cult party kei.  Sadly, I only have the time, money and energy to focus on one or two wardrobes which will likely be solely lolita with some gyaru.

Right now, I don't have much to post about...this weekend, I will probably do a partial wardrobe post and maybe a review of the new bodyline print skirt that came out not long ago. Right now, I have a huge order shipping in from TaoBao as well as bits and pieces arriving separately from all over the country.  (This includes a wig and circle lenses!)

I'm seeking accessories for lolita (classic and sweet/bittersweet specifically) and would love to do a product review if you have an etsy or store-envy~  just get in touch somehow and we'll work out the details~~

And now I need to go do some bills and reading for class tomorrow haha.  



  1. yay blog buddies! can't wait to read everything!

    1. omg be careful what you wish for haha