Saturday, September 8, 2012

Free Shipping Supplies for all!

OMG OK so this is great!  I can get shipping supplies from USPS at my house for free.  100%, don't pay shipping or anything!   This will streamline my ebay and etsy sales, as well as the future storevny sales~~

A huge reason I'm scared of shipping is because I don't have the boxes etc on hand to make sure the products fit to offer a quote to a potential buyer.

Now that I actually took the time to sit down, I realized you can get express mail and priority mail boxes/envelopes shipped to your house for free!  Now I'll have the envelopes on hand and can guarantee a shipping price accurately!  (I got priority mail flat rate boxes and envelopes, as well as matching address labels.)  

So I got...
They should be here within a week, maybe a few days more.
It requires an account but that's it--didn't ask for cc info, etc.  Registered as a business account~

My brand/'company' is Bunny Blushies now I guess???
So I just changed my etsy to match. I'll be putting up a banner, announcement, and new products very soon.

Ooo and I got a heat sealer, a hand-held one from ebay for like $3.38.  It'll work for small objects.

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